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The media can contribute to making “Panettieri d’Italia – Breads from Creative Cities” project and the knowledge keepers involved known, helping us in the communication and in the free dissemination of project’s results!  

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The idea “Panettieri d’Italia – Breads from Creative Cities” born from the collaboration among Fabriano Creative City and Creative Knowledge Foundation. The project is focused on bread’s cultural heritage and on the simplest of ingredients appreciated by young and old: flour and water.

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Project coordinator: Fabriano UCC 

Supported by Creative Cities Network and from the Creative Cities of:
Adelaide (Australia), Krakow (Poland), San Cristóbal de Las Casas (Mexico), Kansas City, Paducah, Tucson, San Antonio, and Seattle (USA).

Concept and realization: Fabriano UCC, CK Foundation 

Communication and graphic project: Tech Gap Italia (TRusT™ Team)