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Panettieri d’Italia
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Panettieri d'Italia is the first edition of the project “Breads from Creative Cities”, launched from Fabriano UNESCO Creative City and dedicated to the Italian bakers. The project was recognized among the initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a call launched from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Secretariat. Panettieri d’Italia - Breads from Creative Cities hopes to entice families to appreciate or recapture the traditional flavors of "home-made" food and to connect young and old people through the simplest of ingredients: flour and water. The aim of the project is to rediscover what is beautiful and unique in each tradition and community and to communicate its traditional "bread" culture. . The project, started in Italy the first week of April with live Facebook presentations by the bakers of the cities of Alba UCC (Enrico Giacosa, Pan ed Langa Consortium), Carrara UCC (Francesco Carusi, Antico Mulino Pandolfo), Fabriano UCC (Gabriele Mancini, Panificio e Dolci Ragni Franco), Casola in Lunigiana (Fabio Bertolucci, il Forno in Canoàra); Tizzano Val Parma (Mariella Bonfanti and Antonio Bocchi, Agriturismo la Corte di Boceto) and Napoli (Antonio Falco, L’antica Pizzeria da Michele), has captured national and international interest quickly.

Discover the Italian Bakers

Micca Casalinga

Fabio Vergagni

Panificio Artigianale Brallo di Pregola

Panificio Artigianale
Brallo di Pregola

Brallo di Pregola, Italia

Pane di mistura
al formaggio Branzi

Baldovino Midali

Panificio Midali

Panificio Midali
David e Baldovino

Branzi, Italia

Pizza in teglia

Antonio Falco

L’antica pizzeria da Michele in the world

L'Antica Pizzeria
Da Michele in the World

Napoli, Italia

Pane de
La Corte di Boceto

Mariella Bonfanti e Antonio Bocchi

Agriturismo Corte di Boceto

La Corte di Boceto

Carpaneto di Tizzano Val Parma, Italia

La Marocca di Casola

Fabio Bertolucci

Il Forno in Canoàra

Il Forno in Canoàra

Casola in Lunigiana, Italia

Filone Marchigiano

Gabriele Mancini

Panificio Ragni Franco

Panificio e Dolci Ragni Franco

Fabriano, Italia

Bombolone Pandolfo

Francesco Luigi Carusi

Antico Mulino Pandolfo

Antico mulino Pandolfo

Carrara, Italia

Pane in Cassetta

Enrico Giacosa

Consorzio Pan e langa

Consorzio "Pan Ed Langa"

Alba, Italia

Discover more about the project

Discover more about the project

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Breads from Creative Cities

Panettieri d'Italia

The idea “Panettieri d’Italia – Breads from Creative Cities” born from the collaboration among Fabriano Creative City and ITKIUS. The project is focused on bread’s cultural heritage and on the simplest of ingredients appreciated by young and old: flour and water.

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Project coordinator: Fabriano UCC 
Supported by Creative Cities Network and from the Creative Cities of:
Adelaide (Australia), Krakow (Poland), San Cristóbal de Las Casas (Mexico), Kansas City, Paducah, Tucson, San Antonio, and Seattle (USA).
Concept and realization: Fabriano UCC, ITKI US
Communication and graphic project: Tech Gap Italia (TRusT™ Team)